Title Details Details/Download
Name Of the Month The Name Of The Competitions Participants
April / May House Distribution For All
Hindi Enhlish Calligraphy Open
Art Exhibition Open
June / July Solo Singing 2 /H/G
News Reading 3 /H /G
Rakhi Making Open
Literature Quiz (Hin / Eng)
August Group Dance 8 -10/H
Sst Quiz 2/H/G
Shloka Recitation 2/H/G
Sanskrit Story Telling 2/H/G
September Essay Writing -Hindi Open
Story Teling Hindi 2 /H/G
Debate - Hindi 2 /H/G
Poem Recitation -Hindi 2 /H/G
Slogan Writing -Hindi Open
October Diya Decoration Open
Flower Decoration Open
Skit -Hindi 8 -10/H
November Essay Writing-Eng 2 /H/G
Debate -Eng 2 /H/G
Poem Recitation -Eng 2 /H/G
December Gk Quiz 2 /H/G
Group Song 8 -10/H